Which direction is better?

Our tour takes us through Helsinki Tallinn, Riga, Warszawa and Lodz. But where to start, Helsinki or Saxony? There are some advantages for starting in Helsinki and ride back to Saxony by bike. We know the start date of our trip better as the date when we are in Helsinki. So we are able to book the ferry and the train earlier to get a better price. Another reason is the possibility of a better planning the trip. We can book the hostels in Helsinki and Tallinn, because we can evaluate the date of arrival better.

But on the other hand I love more to ride far away as come home again. Also the main wind direction is in middle Europe from West to East. We have to dicide between this two options but at this time we are not sure.

Design a shirt for your dreams

We decided to design our own T-shirt for our trip. On the front with the headline „Poland-Baltics Bike Ride 2016“ and a map with our route through half of Europe. On the back you can get more information with a link and a QR-Code to this website. We ordered the shirt on www.spreadshirt.de. The quality is perfect, but it wasn’t cheap. We will wear this shirts on our trip as an advertisement for our blog and as a sign of our brotherhood.