A lifelogging camera – The Narrative Clip 2

I bought the Narrative Clip 2, a life logging or wearable camera last month. It can take a photo every 30 seconds and is also able to capture videos. I brought it not especially for the tour, but on a bike I think its the perfect camera. I want to capture the special moments on our tour from my perspective. So its able to take pictures hands-free and easily.

The company

The Narrative Clip manufactures by Memoto, a Swedish startup founded in 2012. I bought the second version of its „most wearable camera“. The company have a massive delay between ordering the clip and delivering it, hopefully because so many people want this camera. Perhaps the delivery time of the clip 2 is now better, check out http://getnarrative.com/orderlookup for that info.


The clip is very small in his demission, very light and also fits perfect in every pocket. It is designed to pin it at our shirt with a mount. The camera can capture with 8 MP and 1080p videos. The clip has WLAN for uploading the captured pictures directly to the narrative cloud and bluetooth to control the clip with our phone. So you can change the interval auf photo taking or the double or tripple tap gesture.


Until now the experience with the clip is fascinating. The pictures are realy different and maybe the best thing is, that people don’t make a photo face or a special pose on the photos. Is is just like it happed. It took a while to understand all options, the app and the webapp, but now its easier to find the best photos. The clip has less configuration options and setting, this make the clip easy to use but sometimes it is a bit frustrating.