Camera for the tour: GoPro Hero Black 5

For our tour we need a camera to film vlogs and to keep our memories. Because we go by bike, we need a light weight camera. A GoPro is light and perfect for sport. I decided to rent the camera instead to buy one, because we only need it for the tour. I ordered the camera on This is the perfect service to rent computers, cameras, smartphones and anything what a tech geek need. I choosed the GoPro Hero Black 5 because of the TouchScreen and the better video quality compared to the Session. After I tested the camera, I was surprised by the huge dynamic range. My plan is to film every day with the GoPro and edit the video on my iPad Air 2 with LumaFusion. So I want to publish every day a small video on Vimeo, if an internet connection is available. Let’s see if this works and I have enough time for editing the video