Day 8 – August 23, 2016 – Rakari-Riga

In the morning we lit up the fire again and warmed us after the rainy night. After warming up we were ready to start and rode some kilometers on the main road A1, then we decided to go back to the coast on smaller roads. But it was the right decision. We found some sandstone outcrops and a beautiful beach. This wasn’t the fastest way, because we had to carry our bicycles down some stairs to the beach and the road turned into a path sometimes. Today our batteries went low and our phones shout off. So we faced some difficulties to find the way. But in the end we got to Riga in the afternoon. But to find the hostel, we booked earlier we needed some electricity for our smartphone. After looking around in Riga for some time we were lucky and found a charger for electric cars in a multi-storey car park. Astonishingly it also charged smartpones. So in the end we found our hostel and it was perfect to have a shower and a bed after a long time on the bike.
Jonas and Lukas