Day 7 – August 22, 2016 – Baltic Sea Beach-Rakari

In the night it was raining so the morning was cold and wet. Therefore we decided to get on our bikes quickly. In Häädemeeste, a village at the coast of the Baltic Sea we stoped to buy some things. Unfortunately it started raining again. We made a break in a bus stop and waited. Next was our first bordercrossing by bike, the Estonian-Latvian border between Ikla and Ainazi. In the next town of Salacgriva, with a port, we bought our dinner. Like the days before we had chose out of a variety of local soups we hadn’t really heard of. Luckily we found a nice camping spot near a river after that. Here we lit fire and had our soup. The camping spot was vast compared to the previous ones, but on this day we were alone there.
Jonas and Lukas