Day 4 – August 19, 2016 – Tallinn-Järvi Pärnjärve telkimisala

The first half of the day we visited old town of Tallinn. We saw many churches, the wall around the Old Town with some towers and the central square. It was like a throwback to the Middle Ages. In this time Tallinn was a major hansa city. The Old Town was a tourist magnet for people from all nations. At 13pm we left the Old Town and on our way out of Tallinn we saw the „normal“ town with the university and shopping centers. In Kuusalu we bougth our dinner and filled up our water. The reason why we drove to the east was to enjoy the estonian wilderness and the woods. We visited the National Park Lahemaa with its peatlands. Around 18pm we reached Järvi Pärnjärve telkimisala, a small camping spot next to a lake in the middle of the forrest. At this place we weren’t alone but with a group of other tenters. They were doing some kind of asian „sport“ we didn’t know. Fortunately they didn’t attack us and we had a good night.

Distance: 80 km

Jonas and Lukas