Day 1 – August 16, 2016 – Saxony to Travemünde

After the breakfast we started our adventure by cycling to the closest train station from our home in saxony. We used 5 different trains with 4 changes to get to our destination. Maybe because of the nice weather there were many cyclist out there in the trains and in some trains there was very little room for our bikes. But in the end we arrived in time in the Hansestadt Lübeck. Here we got support by a friend from my university showing us around in the city centre. We started at the „Holstentor“, one of the two remaining gates of Lübeck, built in the 15 th century. The old town of Lübeck is UNESCO world cultural heritage. Exspacaly because of the 7 church towers. We went up on the Jakobi church plattform to look over the city und the region. In the evening we biked to Travemünde, a small town direcly at the Baltic Sea. At 10pm we checked in the the ferry to Helsinki. We were the only pessangers with bicycles on the Finnstar, a ship of the Finnlines company. Around 1am we’re going to bed in our cabins and by 2am we were finally lying down after setting our watches on Helsiki time.

Jonas and Lukas